Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to make a chapel veil

I finally got to buying the necessary materials to make my own chapel veil. It's a semi-circle veil and it's pretty simple. I've decided to post a DIY step-by-step because I remembered having a hard time finding one online when I was planning on making my veil. Hope you'll find this helpful. Here goes:

Materials needed: 1/2 meter fabric (netting), 3m lace, white thread, scissors, a measuring tape, a pencil and a weight.

Step #1: Fold the cloth into half.

Step #2: Measure the length from one shoulder to the other over your head. Mine was 40 inches, so I'll be referring to that for the following steps.

 Step #3: Tie the thread to a pencil ( I used a 6B pencil). Measure its length to half of the length measured in Step #2 (40/2 = 20 inches). Cut the thread.

 Step #4: Hold on end of the thread at the corner of the fabric (where the scissors is - had to use one of my hands to snap the photo). Draw the radius using the pencil. 
Hint: Situate the weight on the radius so that the fabric stays.

Step #5: Cut on the lines drawn. It should like the above picture when unfolded. Put on your almost-completed-veil and make the necessary adjustments (cuttings) according to your preferences.

Step #6: Sew the lace on the edges and its ready to be used for the next Holy Mass!   

It should look like the above when used. I thought it was more meaningful to sew my own veil instead of sending it to the tailor to do it. Hope you would too!

Here's another photo of a veil with a different pattern of fabric and lace, having a longer length.

Has this been useful for you?


  1. Yes!
    Very helpful, I'm going to make my daughter another veil for her first Holy Communion. I was having a hard time finding a helpful guide.


  2. Thank you! Very useful. I'm going to try one too.

  3. Katherine GlendenningMarch 24, 2015 at 2:03 AM

    Bought the lace and trim for me and my 3 daughters. Thanks for the instructions. I love how I can personalize the trim for each of us!